Monday, June 27, 2005

Where 2.0

So, for any of you attending the Where 2.0 conference in SF this week, maybe I'll bump into you. I'm headed there tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to meeting all sorts of interesting people. I've been cooking up some more improvements to the bus monster, which I'll be finishing up and putting out on the site when I get back.

If you have any problems with the bus monster while I'm gone, please email me and let me know--I probably won't be as obsessive about checking the site to make sure its running while I'm out of town, so hopefully all the emails I get will be things like "ooo! busmonster is cool!" rather than "booo! busmonster died!" we'll see...

Anyway, enjoy.

Monday, June 20, 2005

images not showing up?

My uncle noticed that you need to make sure you have third-party images enabled for bus monster to work, since all of the map and satellite images are not provided by me, but Google.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Now with Traffic Advisories and Permalinks

Thanks to everyone who has tried out the bus monster, and double thanks to everyone who has given me feedback or funds. I wanted to thank you by adding some new features to the busmonster, so here they are!

Traffic Advisories -- With the help of Greg Sadetsky, who made the first (that I know of) Google Maps Traffic hack, I was able to find the and Yahoo! traffic information and add it to the Traffic Conditions section of the site. You should now see any accidents or construction going on in and around Seattle.

Permalinks -- I got a lot of feedback about the usefulness of having this feature. Now you can bookmark almost any view on the site, and come back to it with a single click! Extremely useful for your daily commute, for instance. You can even permalink arrival time bubbles and traffic cam bubbles.

Auto-centering on routes -- I was browsing blog entries about bus monster, and found Mike's comments here. He's right, auto-centering on routes is a good thing, so I added it. =)

If you have any problems with the new features (or anything on the site), please let me know. Thanks for using bus monster!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Fun with Google Maps Polylines (aka, BlueShape)

I just posted this over at the google groups "Google Maps" group, too.

Ok, so for all of you who are curious about polylines, here's some code
that should demonstrate its use pretty succinctly (take a look at the .js files). And while having
fun, too. Woo!

This is a small javascript program I made to show off how to use
maplinedraw, but the polyline decoding/encoding should be pretty
useful, in general (meaning, with IE's vml, as well). Here are some
more examples of what you can make with BlueShape:

I know this works with Firefox and that it doesn't work with IE. I
don't know about other browsers. Please let me know of any firefox
problems you have. Thanks.

- chris

not working for you?

So, it turns out that if you have the "always remember password" firefox extension from installed, busmonster (and google maps, in general) will not work. Just so you know.

While I'm on the subject of problems with busmonster, let me remind you that this site *just* went live and is bound to have problems over the next few days/weeks. Also, I realize there are some user interface issues that I'll hopefully be improving upon over time.

The first interface issue I've noticed is that people like to append their search queries with "Seattle, WA". This is handled poorly by the Metro's Trip Planner (even though it's still awesome!), so I'll be making some checks before sending a query off to the Trip Planner.

If you notice any bugs or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Silly emergency reboots...

So, I wake up (just recently) to find that the server bus monster is hosted on did an "emergency reboot" at 7:30 this morning, and the database did not come back up, partially disabling the site. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone using the site this morning. Everything should be working now, and hopefully the problem is fixed for the future. =)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bus Monster goes *CHOMP*

So, I'm gonna try out this blog thing to keep updates for Bus Monster, which I just released today. Today's goal is for it to stay up all day long. =) Enjoy.

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