Monday, June 13, 2005

Fun with Google Maps Polylines (aka, BlueShape)

I just posted this over at the google groups "Google Maps" group, too.

Ok, so for all of you who are curious about polylines, here's some code
that should demonstrate its use pretty succinctly (take a look at the .js files). And while having
fun, too. Woo!

This is a small javascript program I made to show off how to use
maplinedraw, but the polyline decoding/encoding should be pretty
useful, in general (meaning, with IE's vml, as well). Here are some
more examples of what you can make with BlueShape:

I know this works with Firefox and that it doesn't work with IE. I
don't know about other browsers. Please let me know of any firefox
problems you have. Thanks.

- chris
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