Friday, June 17, 2005

Now with Traffic Advisories and Permalinks

Thanks to everyone who has tried out the bus monster, and double thanks to everyone who has given me feedback or funds. I wanted to thank you by adding some new features to the busmonster, so here they are!

Traffic Advisories -- With the help of Greg Sadetsky, who made the first (that I know of) Google Maps Traffic hack, I was able to find the and Yahoo! traffic information and add it to the Traffic Conditions section of the site. You should now see any accidents or construction going on in and around Seattle.

Permalinks -- I got a lot of feedback about the usefulness of having this feature. Now you can bookmark almost any view on the site, and come back to it with a single click! Extremely useful for your daily commute, for instance. You can even permalink arrival time bubbles and traffic cam bubbles.

Auto-centering on routes -- I was browsing blog entries about bus monster, and found Mike's comments here. He's right, auto-centering on routes is a good thing, so I added it. =)

If you have any problems with the new features (or anything on the site), please let me know. Thanks for using bus monster!
oh chrissy, you such a smarty! i'm so superdyduperdy happy that i am related to you. now one day i can walk down the streets and say, "yep, i'm chris smoak's, aka busmonster creator, little sister!!!! WAHOO!!!" i'm excited about that!! i'm glad your monster program is working well!! i wuuuuuv wooooo awoooootttttttt mwahhhhh (and i'm sure you're not embarassed by this entry by your loving little sissy) KISS KISS!!!!:-D loooove, jenny!!
Oddly, this "Bus Stops Near" query did not find these stops, even though they are within the circled area. Is the circle supposed to be accurate?
Too many buses are coming up "no info". Something's wrong with the MyBus-style info.
lumiere, so it looks like you are correct, and the bus stops are currently listed in order of *walking* distance and not as the crow flies. Changes I am currently working on will fix this problem by storing the bus stop information in my own database, and therefore, letting me give you the option of seeing closest by walking distance or closest by circle radius. =)

As for the "no info" problem, more information (heh) about when and at which stop this occurred would be useful. Also, were you looking at scheduled or estimated stops? Thanks!
Slick slick app... way to go. Feature request: integrate Community Transit routes...I ride Community Transit from South Snoho County to U-District daily.

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