Monday, June 27, 2005

Where 2.0

So, for any of you attending the Where 2.0 conference in SF this week, maybe I'll bump into you. I'm headed there tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to meeting all sorts of interesting people. I've been cooking up some more improvements to the bus monster, which I'll be finishing up and putting out on the site when I get back.

If you have any problems with the bus monster while I'm gone, please email me and let me know--I probably won't be as obsessive about checking the site to make sure its running while I'm out of town, so hopefully all the emails I get will be things like "ooo! busmonster is cool!" rather than "booo! busmonster died!" we'll see...

Anyway, enjoy.
Nice to run into you today. (I'm the GE guy...) I didn't realise your situation, so I apologise for the awkwardness.

Very glad to have met you, though. We'll be watching your progress with interest. ;)
Hey Chris,
Your mom and I are sitting here in my office before breakfast admiring your handiwork!
I want to put in my order for Ramstein or Kaiserslautern in south eastern Germany (by Septmber):-)
Good job, we will await news of your progress.
Great work.
ooo! busmonster is cool!
Ooooh. Bus Monster is cool!

Seriously. This was Metafiltered and the feedback has been tremendous. Thanks for your hard work.
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